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“DW News Show” is a fresh look at serious (and not so) topics. Tatiana Felgenhauer and Alexander Plushev discuss with their guests live the event that became the most important on that day according to the Russian-speaking audience of the Deutsche Welle media company.

Even in the morning, journalists well known for their work at the Ekho Moskvy radio station do not know what kind of news or publication today will arouse the greatest interest of the readers of the DW website, social networks of the media company or the audience of the TV program DW News. But no matter which one takes first place in terms of the number of views, Plushev and Felgenhauer are ready for any of the most popular news make it the most talked about: with politicians and experts, public figures and writers, artists and DW authors, and most importantly – with your audience on YouTube live.

At 16:00 every day from Monday to Friday, watch and listen to “DW News Show” live on YouTube channel “DW in Russian” – write to the studio, argue, ask, comment!

Missed the live stream? No problem. Repeat program at 21:00 Moscow time on medium waves at a frequency of 1386 kHz. You can also find the latest editions of the daily “DW News Show” on our website and on your favorite podcast app.

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Tatyana Felgenhauer and Alexander Plyushchev live from DW Studios in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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