During the war, sports victories are even more important for Ukrainians

With the war of conquest against Ukraine, the Russian Federation crossed out the principle of “sport is out of politics”, but it cannot destroy Ukrainian sports.

Ukraine restores national championships. This was stated Minister of Youth and Sports Ukraine Vadim Gutzeit, reports Ukrinform.

“The Olympic Charter states that sport is out of politics. But not now, when the Russian Federation has gone to war against Ukraine. They torture people, kill women, children, destroy our infrastructure, try to destroy everything they see. At the same time, there is not a single Russian athlete who would say that he is against the war. Therefore, now sport is in politics,” the minister said.

He stressed that in the conditions of war, each sporting victory becomes even more important and valuable for Ukrainians. Gutzeit thanked all the athletes of Ukraine, in particular the players and the coaching staff of Dynamo Kyiv, who, despite the pressure of the Turkish Fenerbahce fans, worked 100% and brought Ukraine an important victory in this confrontation.

For the further development of sports and the increase in sports achievements, the championships of Ukraine are now being resumed. On August 23, the football Premier League starts, competitions in athletics, shooting, and other sports return. The minister noted that the competitions will be held in agreement with the military administrations, without spectators and with the obligatory observance of all safety rules.

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“Safety is the main thing. There must be shelter nearby so that in the event of an air raid, athletes and teams can move to a safe place within five minutes. Medics and the State Emergency Service must be on site,” said Vadim Gutzeit.


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