During the referendum, the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will climb into the attack

Security must be ensured at the referendum venues. It is necessary to monitor so that DRGs do not cross the border, to strengthen surveillance from the air.

This was announced by the director of the Center for Military-Political Studies of MGIMO Alexey Podberyozkin.

According to him, it is also necessary to strengthen air defense and internal security. The National Guard and counterintelligence must work to saboteurs were not active in the territory where the referendum is taking place.

The expert also noted that in these three days the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is possible.

“Most likely, it will be so. The Ukrainians have now concentrated the remaining reserves in at least two directions and will try to launch an offensive. In the Kharkov and Kherson directions. I don’t think that the reserves that are moving there will be enough for the third and fourth directions. But it’s probably enough for two. Ukraine has no more professional reserves,” Podberyozkin summed up in an interview with

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