During the operation of the land market in Ukraine, more than 110 thousand agreements were concluded

For the entire period of functioning of the land market, 111,307 land agreements have been concluded. The area of ​​land under registered agreements reaches 262,679 hectares.

According to Ukrinform, this press service informs Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

“To date (August 1. – Ed.), 111,307 land agreements have been concluded for the entire period of the land market. Square lands under registered agreements reaches 262,679 ha. 5582 notaries have applied for access to the land registry. The total number of applications is 6273, of which 5497 were approved, 776 were refused,” the message says.

It is noted that Kharkiv region (37.3 thousand hectares), Dnipropetrovsk region (22.6 thousand hectares), Kherson region (21 thousand hectares), Kirovohrad region (20.7 thousand hectares ) and Poltava region (20.6 thousand ha).

During the period of the war in Ukraine, 10,341 agreements were concluded, they cover an area of ​​18,153 hectares. Regions with an active land market during the war (by the number of agreements and by the area of ​​land for which agreements were registered) – Kirovohrad region (2.4 thousand hectares), Poltava region (2.2 thousand hectares), Vinnitsa region (2.2 thousand hectares). ha). ha), Khmelnitsky (1.8 thousand ha) and Dnepropetrovsk (1.3 thousand ha) regions.

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As reported, the land market in Ukraine officially started on July 1, 2021. Until 2024, only natural persons-citizens of Ukraine can buy agricultural land with a limit of 100 hectares. The Land Market Law prohibits foreigners from buying land.

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