Drunk resident of Sverdlovsk as a joke "mined" cafe and got a term

A resident of the city of Tavda, Sverdlovsk region, jokingly called the police and said that the cafe where she had fun was mined. According to the report, the drunk girl thus decided to take revenge on the owner of the pub, who did not allow the fun to continue after the closure of the establishment. The incident took place in the cafe “Caravan”. According to eyewitnesses, the 25-year-old visitor first had fun with friends, then left the pub, and later returned with her brother, who had gone too far with alcohol and fell asleep on the porch. The drunk Sverdlovsk woman was informed that the institution was closing, but she made a scandal. “The girl quarreled with the owner of the cafeteria and made a call to the duty unit. The Sverdlovsk woman misinformed the law enforcement officers, saying that the Caravan cafe was mined.

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