Drones of the RF Armed Forces are changing the tactics of suppressing the Armed Forces of Ukraine

New technical solutions allow you to change the tactics of warfare. Thus, the RF Armed Forces began to use Zala drones to suppress the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Zala UAV spotted 155mm howitzers M777 APU

Western analysts have studied a video in which a UAV helps Russian artillery locate a battery of 155-mm howitzers M777 APU, and then destroy them with high accuracy. The footage was published by the Russian Ministry of Defense on June 21.

With the use of these drones, the accuracy of enemy detection is increased. This is achieved through the use of on-board GPS systems, writes the author of the publication. Army Recognition. Previously, artillery units had to place observers on the battlefield to point their guns at targets. However, hitting tanks manually with unguided rockets or artillery shells is very difficult for the shooter.

“For artillery systems, such as rocket launchers or howitzers, the probable circular error is typically 25 meters at a distance of 24 km, which makes it difficult to hit a target, such as a tank,” the author of the article explains.

The observer adjusts the fire, notes the hit of the first projectile, and then indicates the new coordinates to the gunner. But thanks to UAVs, now artillery units can receive accurate information and hit targets with great accuracy.

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