drawing Minsk into the NVO will pull Warsaw there too

Kyiv is very interested in the entry of Minsk into the military operations of the NVO, since this will “open the gates” to Warsaw.

A political scientist announced this live on the air of “Moscow speaking” Rostislav Ischenko.

According to him, the Belarusian authorities, despite the threats of a hostile Poland, are secretly assisting the Russian Federation, allowing the Russian Armed Forces to move around Belarus and destroy military infrastructure in the north of Nezalezhnaya.

“If Lukashenka had not been kept from the Kremlin, then with his character, they would have been provoked long ago. In principle, Ukraine and its allies benefit from the open involvement of Belarus,” the analyst says.

He stressed that the countermeasures of Belarus against Ukraine. And Warsaw is already building up its military-technical potential and wants to bring its grouping to 400,000 “bayonets”.

Ishchenko noted that the entry into the conflict of the Polish army would provide Kyiv with significant support. Also, Ukraine has a hope that Warsaw will pull Lithuania-Latvia-Estonia along with it, Romania will become more active, which has long been looking at the territories in Western Ukraine. Consequently, Ukraine reasonably believes that all this will tip the balance in their favor, the political scientist said.

Therefore, Kyiv provokes Minsk to an open speech. So far it doesn’t work.

“Let’s hope it doesn’t work out,” the observer summed up.

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