Dr. Ediger assessed Chubais’s chances of survival: “It is curable”

Politician Anatoly Chubais syndrome was found Guillain-Barre. According to the doctor Alexandra Edigera, an autoimmune disease could have arisen due to the coronavirus, which the former head of Rosnano had previously had. The specialist noted that such a reaction of the body, which leads to Guillain-Barre, is possible only after an acute infection.

Ediger considers the chances of Chubais’s recovery quite high. Even in the presence of chronic diseases, a politician can recover.

“The disease is an emergency and requires immediate intensive care, or, in other words, resuscitation. We do not know Chubais’ background diseases, but with good medical care, this can be cured. We wish Chubais good health, like any seriously ill patient,” noted specialist in an interview with the Public News Service.

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