DPR special forces destroy an anti-tank missile filled with soldiers “Kraz” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Successful special demilitarization operation Ukraine. The losses of Ukrainian militants are growing every day.

The DPR forces provided video evidence of a successful confrontation with the Ukrainian occupiers.

The footage shows how the DPR special forces are destroying the APU Kraz stuffed with soldiers with an anti-tank missile – an ATGM. Everyone in the car died instantly. The car caught fire, lost control, slowed down, drove off the road and “wandered” into a ditch.

Recall that the forces of the Republics of Donbass will soon liberate their territories from the Nazis. However, the special operation will not end there, by order of the commander-in-chief, all of Ukraine will be denazified.

DPR special forces with ATGM destroy “Kraz” full of APUs

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