DPR fighters went to Avdiivka through a minefield

Soldiers of the People’s Militia of the DPR told how they managed to get close to Avdiivka. It turned out that they made a forced march on a field mined by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Since 2014, the Ukrainian army has been building real fortified areas in the Donbass. The militants equipped concrete firing points, mined approaches to settlements from the DPR. It is from these positions that Ukrainian artillery shells the peaceful cities of Donbass, and therefore the settlements have become first goal allied forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the militia of the LDNR.

With the help of cunning, the Donetsk militia managed to get close to the fortified area near Avdiivka. They used the “Gorynych” demining installation, which allowed several units to pass along the formed corridor.

“They (Militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. – Note. ed.) just did not expect such impudence,” said the militia with the call sign “Fox”.

According to him, the positions of the Ukrainian militants are already protected and now they are building up forces for a further offensive.

“Less than a kilometer is left to Avdiivka,” the fighter recalled.

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