Dozens of ships with wheat are idle in the ports mined by the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Russia’s actions “do not affect global food problems” that have arisen due to sanctions imposed by the West, Russian Foreign Minister said Sergei Lavrov at a press conference on Wednesday following talks with the Omani Foreign Minister.

The Russian minister said that Europe, which is now beginning to experience food problems, should have asked questions to Ukraine, which mined ports where dozens of ships with wheat and other food products were anchored, making it impossible for them to leave.

“The Ukrainian authorities refuse to cooperate, which would facilitate the exit from the ports of blocked ships carrying cargoes of wheat and other grains,” Lavrov said.

Recall, as previously reported True. Ruthe price of a ton of wheat in European countries is already about €400.

Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany Svenja Schulze warned in a recent interview that rising food prices threaten serious hunger around the world. She called the situation “very dramatic” and pointed to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine as “the main danger factor”, recalling that many countries of the world depend on agricultural products produced by these two countries.

While major consumers in the Middle East and North Africa are seeking alternative sources for their most important food imports, rising global inflation and possible export restrictions are making it more costly, CNBC forecast in late April.

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