Dota 2: a guide for beginning players

Dota 2. (photo: Xataka eSports)
Dota 2. (photo: Xataka eSports)

dota 2 it’s a game of sorts MOBA Already a veteran with millions of players around the world. The company behind Steam, Valvehas a game that opposes League of Legends for leadership in esports. Is dota 2, a very popular MOBA type online game that has thrilled millions of players.

Its gameplay and emotion make us find ourselves before a title that continues to hold up not only as one of the most played, but also as the one that distributes the most money in world awards.

dota 2 it’s eSports at its peak, with everything that involves coordination, speed of thought and teamwork. It has multiple modes, from modes individual or training up to multiplayer andn online, which has earned him his fame.

For people who want to start in this game, a simple guide has been prepared to understand how the Dota 2 gameplay. Follow these tips and tricks to improve your strategy over time.

A game MOBAwhich by its acronym in English means Multiplayer Online Battle Arenameans a battle within a map and your objective could not be clearer: destroy the Ancient of your opponent.

The map is divided into two clearly differentiated parts. The one on the left belongs to the ‘Dire’ and the one on the right to the ‘Radiant‘. In every corner is the greatest of each teamsince the map is completely symmetrical.

Dota 2. (photo: PlayerOne)
Dota 2. (photo: PlayerOne)

Each side has three courses that, with different lengths and obstacles, lead to the final victory. Which one to choose depends on your strategy. Using your characters you have to get to the rival totem and kill it.

Both Dire and Radiant they have multiple buildings or items on their side of the map. In both cases, they work exactly the same, with no differences between factions. You can use these resources to dominate the opponent without leaving your own plot, although in the end you have to take the initiative if you want to win.

There are two buildings that are close to your old man. In them the so-called ‘creeps‘, soldiers controlled by the AI, which, although they are not very weak, are extremely useful throughout the game. They come preconfigured to automatically attack the rival totem, without you being able to do anything to avoid it. There are three types of creep:

conventional soldiers. They attack short distance.

They are magicians or sorcerers who accompany each battalion. Cast ranged spells that consume mana.

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They are fast units that attack towers. They are not strong against them, so they usually don’t survive for very long.

There are two locations on the map dota 2 Where do the runes appear? They are items that grant temporary bonuses to the player who earns them, such as x2 experience, damage, or gold.

Every two minutes they will appear in the chosen place, so it is recommended to bet close to them in a unit to pick them up immediately.

Roshan in Dota 2. (photo: Xakata eSports)
Roshan in Dota 2. (photo: Xakata eSports)

Another way to get a bonus is to kill the Roshana monster that is in Dire territory and gives your hero a charm to revive when he dies.

In addition to these items, you can buy more by spending gold in one of the three shops on the map. To get gold in dota 2 you have to kill the neutral or rival rabids, the Roshans or destroy a tower.

Jungles/jungles are fields that generate resources. They are on both sides of the map and can be controlled by each of the players. It is a good way to get all the necessary materials to finish the game once and for all.

A good advice to continue with this guide Dota 2 is always trying to control the jungles. If you don’t, your opponent will, gaining an advantage that can be decisive in the long run.

There are dozen of suitable heroes in this game for you to choose the one you like best. Each of them has a series of traits and abilities, so we recommend that you analyze your strategy before choosing who you think is the best hero of Dota 2.

Heroes in Dota 2. (photo: Brand)
Heroes in Dota 2. (photo: Brand)

Depending on whether you are playing a offensive or defensive play, who accompanies you or how fast you are on the keyboard and mouse, you will be more interested in one or the other hero. There are so many out there that we can’t break down the features of each one, so we’ll focus on what they offer and how they differ.

For starters, each of them can have up to six items in their inventory, no more and no less. Make a good calculation of what you need so as not to take with you unnecessary items that can exhaust the few spaces available.

– Damage: Simply, the amount of life points that your player removes with each of his hits.

– Mana: the higher the amount of mana, the more spells you can cast without having to stop to regenerate.

– Speed: represented by a boot symbol with a number. The higher the number, the faster your player will move around the map.

– Armor: is the resistance you put up against damage. It is usually higher for melee heroes.

Mana Pool, Dota 2. (YouTube: hoang vu screenshot)
Mana Pool, Dota 2. (YouTube: hoang vu screenshot)

Agility: The more agility, the more speed and ability to move around the map.

Force: this value has to do with the amount of hit points (HP) your hero has and the speed with which he regenerates them after being hit by an enemy.

Intelligence: as usual in RPGs, intelligence proportionally affects the amount of mana available and how quickly it regenerates.


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