Donated 200 million to CBO? Where did the actor Dmitry Nagiyev give his millions

For 2022, the actor earned less than usual, as he took a break from work

For 2022, the actor earned less than usual, as he took a break from work

A photo: Mikhail FROLOV

55-year-old Dmitry Nagiyev has been involved in charity work for many years. At the same time, the actor Nagiyev himself never advertised his charitable activities. Therefore, when on January 12 information appeared on social networks that Dmitry Nagiyev had donated 200 million rubles to support the SVO, many believed. It turned out that the actor did not transfer such a huge amount.

The information that the actor Nagiyev transferred 200 million rubles for the needs of the SVO was attributed to the director of the Puppet Theater. Obraztsov to Boris Konstantinov: he allegedly reported this on social networks. But director Boris Konstantinov does not maintain a page on social networks. The press service of the theater, where the director works, also denied the news: Konstantinov did not report anything about Nagiyev. Israeli political scientist Yakov Kedmi, who was the first to publish information about “Nagiyev’s donation” in the telegram channel, quickly deleted his post, but it scattered across the network. Actor Dmitry Nagiyev was surprised by this news in a conversation with Mash: “When I see such an amount in millions, I will definitely let you know.”

The amount is very large – even for a star like Nagiyev. In 2022, the actor earned less than usual, as he took a break from work on the Voice show on Channel One; and private events have decreased by 50% – Nagiyev earns 4-5 million rubles per evening by running “reserves”. There were filming in movies and TV shows, as well as advertising contracts. According to the latest (2021) Forbes ranking of the richest domestic celebrities, Dmitry Nagiyev earned $3.5 million (241 million rubles) a year. It is possible that now the star’s annual income could be halved.

Since the beginning of the NWO, actor Dmitry Nagiyev has not spoken publicly on the most relevant and important topic. There is also no information about whether the actor provided assistance to military personnel. But even earlier, Nagiyev never advertised his help. Nagiyev has a tradition – on April 4, on his birthday, he makes large donations. Friends of the star said that in 2020, the actor on his birthday transferred 10 million rubles to one of the hospitals for the purchase of ventilators, a year earlier – 5 million rubles for the treatment of children with oncology. Nagiyev is not an oligarch, he is an artist with a high fee, part of which he transfers to charity. Dmitry Nagiyev has been the head of the Anna Charitable Foundation for 10 years, in which children from orphanages and large families are helped.

Dmitry Nagiyev himself said that his life changed after he began to help people: “Once I was talking with one child, asking him how he lives, what he thinks about. And the kid said that every morning he starts with joy. “What are you happy about?” – I asked – “I’m glad that I woke up and I’m alive.” The kid gave me an unexpected answer. After this conversation, I realized that my problems are complete nonsense. I am grateful to the boy who taught me to enjoy life and, I’m not afraid of this word, helped me understand its main meaning … “

On April 4, Dmitry Nagiyev will turn 56 years old. According to tradition, on this day he will make another large donation for good deeds.

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