Don Governor Vasily Golubev supported young Cossacks in the lesson of courage

On the Day of Heroes of the Fatherland, which is celebrated in Russia on December 9, an event dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the formation of the 5th Guards Don Cossack Cavalry Red Banner Budapest Corps was held in the multimedia historical park “Russia – My History” on the Don. The governor of the region, Vasily Golubev, talked to the pupils of the Cossack corps at the lesson of courage.

At a lesson in courage, which was broadcast to all educational institutions in the region, as well as to two cadet corps in the Volgograd region, Vasily Golubev reminded the audience that the Don land has always been famous for the courage of its sons. Cossacks defended Russia for centuries, participating in all battles. And there are many examples of this.

“Almost 80 years ago, the corps participated in the cleansing of the Don land from the Nazis, in February 1943, the soldiers hit the rear of the Germans and accelerated their flight from Rostov. The Cossacks drove the enemies from the Don until the end of August. And on August 30, as we all know, — anniversary of the liberation of the Rostov region from the Nazi invaders,” the governor reminded of one of the landmark episodes involving the Don Cossack Corps.

Such historical feats today inspire the participants of the special military operation, who are forced to fight again with the returned Nazi evil, for a peaceful sky above their heads. Vasily Golubev stressed that the current young generation still has a lot to learn, but even now the Cadets should understand how important it is to continue the traditions of the Don land, both labor and combat. That is why such lessons of courage are so important for the younger generation.

“Choosing your path, remember that the highest priority for a citizen and patriot is the defense of the Motherland and service to society. Do not forget, guys, that the blood of Cossack heroes flows in your veins, who for many centuries stood guard over the interests of Russia, be worthy of glory your ancestors,” the governor said.

Vasily Golubev noted that it is impossible to build the future without knowing the history of the country and its small homeland, while the governor proudly emphasized that he was pleased with the fighting spirit with which the guys participated in the event.

Also at the event, those present were shown a literary and musical performance: young cadets, dressed in costumes from the Second World War, told the history of the corps with a fair amount of artistry.

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