Doctor on how to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome: you need the “right” keyboard

For those who are often forced work at the keyboard, a tunnel syndrome may occur, characterized by pinching and subsequent inflammation of the median nerve. A neurologist warned about this Pavel Khoroshev.

The doctor explained that with carpal tunnel or carpal syndrome, the tendons become inflamed. The reason for this is the unnatural position of the hands and forearms and the frequent movements they make. As a result, the person suffers from swelling and pain in the tendons, Khoroshev told URA. RU.

The expert noted that tunnel syndrome – common problem for journalistsprogrammers, tailors, seamstresses and those who like to swing their arms with the help of a carpal expander, which the doctor called “monstrous evil.”

To prevent this problem, Khoroshev recommended that everyone who often works at a computer get a “correct” keyboard.

“The best way to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome is to work at the keyboard, which is divided into two parts, where each is perpendicular to the forearm. In this case, the movements of the hands are physiological and the load on the carpal tunnel and joints is significantly reduced,” the neurologist added.

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