Doctor about Petrosyan’s vacation in Turkey: “It can end badly”

Doctor Yuri Serebryansky thinks he’s a comedian Evgeny Petrosyan he acted imprudently, leaving with his family for hot Turkey.

According to the expert, the 76-year-old artist may well make his young widow, and his son will grow up without a father, if Petrosyan is not more attentive to your health.

The main risk factor, according to the doctor, is hot weather, which does not fall below 30 degrees in Turkey. This is a very serious burden for an elderly person.

“The heat is not the best period for a person of the older generation. He has a young wife, and he strives to match this. As a rule, this is a big overload in all respects. He pulls himself up there, and the profession stimulates him, but in some ways it lengthens his life , but in some ways this is a big overload, and everything can end badly. There should be no excesses, “Serebryansky explained in a conversation with the BLITZ + portal.

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