“Do we need this escalation?”

Political scientist Igor Nikolaychuk in an interview with Pravda.Ru, he explained how Russia could respond to the explosion of the Crimean bridge.

International security expert of the Center for Special Mediametric Studies Igor Nikolaychuk spoke about the incident on the Crimean bridge.

“They did not hide it, they said that they would strike at the Crimean bridge. Naturally, we thought that they would launch some kind of HIMARS missile there and so on. We have a terrible air defense there, we said that nothing would pass, everything was like that But they also took the method of sabotage, to be honest, the most logical and cheapest of all that you can think of here, “the political scientist said.

Nikolaychuk is confident that the Crimean bridge will be quickly restored.

“The fallback option is that a ferry crossing worked there. Cars will be transported on ferries, as they used to carry all their lives. The Caucasus – Crimea – this is the ferry crossing,” the expert explained.

He noted that in connection with the explosion on the Crimean bridge, questions arise for the FSB and the National Guard, which guarded this bridge.

The political scientist was skeptical about the threats to respond to Kyiv to attack the bridge.

“What can we answer to this case? The Duma activists have already said that “oh, we’ll hit it now, oh, the answer will be asymmetrical, oh, wait, you’ll wait for us,” and so on and so forth,” Nikolaychuk said.

He believes that retaliation would be ineffective from a military point of view.

“But really, how to apply something that we all stirred up there “get it, you bastards, here you go, get a fascist, a grenade” and so on, I vaguely imagine,” the expert said.

He recalled that Ukraine restored the broken substations in two hours.

“What we can really do is to demonstrate against this background something that will be scary for the Western masters of Ukraine. We don’t touch America, we don’t touch France, we don’t touch Germany, we don’t touch the EU, we don’t touch NATO, we can do something with Poland to build or at the Polish border. Something like this can be done to mean, to mean some next step (this is very important) of the escalation of the war, “the political scientist expressed his opinion.

Nikolaychuk admitted that Russia is not yet ready for such a step.

“I think that we are not ready for this yet, until mobilization passes, the mobilized and so on are not trained, they are already put into operation in combat areas, it is unlikely that we can do anything until this moment to escalate the conflict. And more whether we need this escalation. Frankly speaking, no. We will do something like that, and they will give some missiles to Ukraine and so on,” the expert explained.

The political scientist urged to work with the Russian audience, which fiercely demands “Ukrainian blood.”

Formerly actor Stanislav Sadalsky stated that Russiawiped offafter an attack on significant objects.

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