Do not take female actresses on the ship!

There is almost no doubt that the male part of the troupe convinced the director to dispense with the ladies.  Photo: RAMT

There is almost no doubt that the male part of the troupe convinced the director to dispense with the ladies. Photo: RAMT

The new production of RAMT is a performance for family viewing: in the auditorium there are children and their parents, who are watching with equal interest the story of how capital Smolett, hired by Squire Trelawny, leads a schooner to treasure island. Together with them, under the guise of sailors, pirates are sailing, led by one-legged John Silver.

The world invented by Stevenson was built on the stage by the artist Maxim Obrezkov. With his light hand, the sails shimmer excitingly in the fog. An intriguing map of the island, which looks like an ancient scroll, where the treasures are hidden. In the gloomy space of the ship’s hold, not only skirmishes and hand-to-hand fights take place, but also rock ballads are performed. The song “Fifteen people for a dead man’s chest, Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!” from the famous adventure novel as if it was written for rock performers. They just didn’t listen to rock in Stevenson’s time.

“Centuries of film adaptations and productions have turned a completely non-childish book (Stevenson’s novel) into a cheerful treasure hunt, from which everyone remembers a one-legged pirate and a colorful parrot. We decided not to simplify, not to color in order to return to the original. And there – a harsh male action movie, where getting treasures in the final is not at all the main thing. The path that the characters take is important. And how they change along the way,” says director Alexander Koruchenkov.

First of all, the main character, the teenager Jim Hawkins (this role is played by Aleksey Veselkin Jr./Prokhor Chekhovskoy), passes this way, on behalf of whom the story is being told. If anyone has forgotten, it is he who falls into the hands of the map of the old Flint. It is he who grows up before our eyes and goes through the “path of the warrior.” The main fight is not with the pirates for the treasure, but with their own fears and immaturity. There is no other way to become an adult.

I think I will not be mistaken if I say that this is the only performance in RAMT where there is not a single (even minor) female role. Not a single actress on stage. Although the role of a travesty is just in the tradition of youth theater. There is almost no doubt that the male part of the troupe convinced the director to dispense with the ladies. Like, women have no place not only on the ship, but also in the play, where there are pirates, treasures and dangerous adventures.

And the background is clear: to become the hero of Stevenson’s book is the dream of every guy, even an adult who has already become a famous artist. Never miss a chance like this! And if he fell out, then play from the heart. That is why the artist Denis Balandin is like a glove in the role of the gentleman Dr. Livesey. True squire Trelawny seemed to be born Andrey Bazhin. Vladimir Zomerfeld dared to play the noisy parrot Flint. He squinted, waddled and frightens the ingenuous spectators with wild cries: “Piastres, piastres!”.

Incredibly charming and cheerful, witty and not too bloodthirsty one-legged pirate Silver performed by Sergei Chudakov (Alexander Grishin plays this role in line with him). Yes, and all the pirates, including the former, who lived on a desert island for many years like Ben Gunn (Alexander Pakhomov), are very good. There are artists who play two or three roles. Almost everyone sings to one degree or another. The performance is musical, which means that it is supposed to sing. By the way, composer Dmitry Volkov wrote very decent music. Not only pirate artists sing to his tune, but also the wind and doors creak very melodiously.

Where: RAMT, Theater Square, 1.

When: 9, 22 October.

Ticket price: 300 – 2500 rubles.

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