Dmitry Peskov spoke about the dress code in the Kremlin

There is no strict dress code for journalists, - Dmitry Peskov noted at a briefing for Russian and foreign journalists

There is no strict dress code for journalists, – Dmitry Peskov noted at a briefing for Russian and foreign journalists

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

On Thursday, December 22, the “Kremlin sensation” appeared on social networks:

“From today and at subsequent events, a dress code is being introduced.

For women.

Strict dresses / skirts.

Length – not above the knees.

Deep cut is not allowed.


Bright colors are acceptable within reason

For men.

Pants. (Probably not in shorts.)


A tie is desirable.

Colors are monochromatic, dull.


Boots, NOT sports casual.

Sports shoes, massive platform shoes are excluded.

Open toes, sandals are also excluded.

Try to stick to the business style!

“There is no strict dress code for journalists,” he noted on the same day at a briefing for Russian and foreign journalists. Dmitry Peskov. – There were cases when colleagues were careless about how they were dressed. Therefore, in order to restore order, we paid attention to the observance of a certain regime.

And one of the high-ranking officials of the Administration of the President of Russia (he is directly related to this issue) was even more categorical:

– We have not issued any strict instructions and are not going to issue any. They themselves must understand how to dress and put on shoes in the Kremlin.


“In shorts and braids? Would you try to get through to Comrade Stalin like that!”

About 20 years ago, in the hot summer season, there was such a case.

We, the journalists of the Kremlin pool, in a discordant, as usual, variegated column – waddling – moved from the Spasskaya Tower to the First – the presidential building.

And on the side of the road, my friend Alexander Nikolaevich Shefov, an old-timer from the Kremlin, was standing and watching us with horror.

– Where are you going? he asked me.

“To the president,” I said.

And that one over there too? – Chefov pointed to a guy with a microphone-crane.

And the guy was wearing shorts with defiant colors and braids without socks.

– Would you try to go to Comrade Stalin like that, – said Alexander Nikolaevich. (He has worked in the Kremlin since the 1940s.)

And I felt ashamed. Not only for a pool colleague.

I was also wearing wickerwork on my bare feet …

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