Dmitry Nagiyev did not donate 200 million CVO in Ukraine

Rumors that Dmitry Nagiyev donated millions spread in social networks

Rumors that Dmitry Nagiyev donated millions spread in social networks

A photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Dmitry Nagiev since February 2022, he has not appeared at social events and left the TV show. As the actor noted, now is not the time for entertainment. Of course, the Russians are languishing with curiosity, trying to find out how their idol lives now. But the artist does not let strangers into his life, he has not posted photos and videos on social networks for a long time. And a few hours ago, the news that the artist had donated 200 million rubles to the CBO in Ukraine became a bolt from the blue.

Rumors that Dmitry Nagiev donated millions, spread on social media. As a result, reporters got through to the artist to clarify the situation. The actor said that he did not donate 200 million for the needs of a special military operation. “Unfortunately, I don’t have such an amount,” Moskva 24 quotes him as saying.

The showman also revealed plans for the future: “If only the future had plans for me! Therefore, I believe in light and sincere! In love – first of all.”

A little later, the director of the actor, Elena Shaikina, said that Nagiyev never talks about his actions or decisions. “When Dmitry does something good, and he does a lot, you will never know about it, you will not read it anywhere. He is an intelligent person, not used to brag about good deeds“, – quotes her “”.

Note that currently the actor lives in his country house in the suburbs and continues to work. He enters the stage and tours. As for television projects, the celebrity notes: he took a sabbatical for a year, will return when “there are favorable times for playful, easy entertainment.”

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