Dmitry Kharatyan about his colleagues who fled: “It’s everyone’s choice – to leave and wait there or stay with the people”

Dmitry Kharatyan is the new hero of Boris Korchevnikov's new show.  Photo - channel

Dmitry Kharatyan is the new hero of Boris Korchevnikov’s new show. Photo – channel “Russia”

The premiere of Boris Korchevnikov’s new program “Life and Fate” this week raised many questions. Why is there no transmission in the network of specialized sites and in other sources? So far, the project has been announced as part of the morning broadcast “Morning of Russia”, therefore it is not indicated in the grid. Every morning on weekdays, the Rossiya channel broadcasts Life and Fate with Boris Korchevnikov.

Guests this week will be Dmitry Kharatyan, Zakhar Prilepin, Olga Budina, Petr Lundstrem.

So People’s Artist Dmitry Kharatyan visits the wounded in hospitals, has long been traveling to Donbass with concerts. Kharatyan spoke about one of these trips – to Makiivka near Donetsk: “It was the day of a medical worker, we went with a team of artists to congratulate doctors on their professional holiday. And so the artist Makeeva and I ended up in Makeevka. We arrived there, the concert was supposed to take place within the walls of the hospital – they had a hall and equipment prepared. Shortly before the start, we were informed that the concert would not take place, as there was a danger of bombardment. Then we went to the rooms. They began to enter the wards of the wounded: they congratulated both the medical workers and their patients. Without equipment, with a guitar. He sang “fate and motherland are one” … Indeed, they heard explosions at that moment. We didn’t understand. Then they already said: they could fly in where we performed – but God had mercy … “We sang, Anastasia Makeeva talked with people:” We came personally to express our gratitude to you.

Discussed Korchevnikov and Kharatyan stars who fled the country. Dmitry Kharatyan expressed his opinion about his colleagues: “The society has split. There are people who distance themselves, trying to survive at a distance. We know them. Many of those who left have made a choice – this is their choice. Leave and wait or stay. I’m here”.

Dmitry Kharatyan said that he has the same views with his wife and son – there are no disputes in the family. In the new program of Boris Korchevnikov “Life and Fate”, famous people will talk about their socio-political position, the life of society, how they made their choice and why they answered the most pressing questions in this way.

The program “Life and Fate” is aired on the channel “Russia” at 9.30 am on weekdays.

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