Discussion and death on the 25 de Mayo Highway: they fought, got out of the car and were run over in the Metrobús lane

A man and a woman got out of the car to argue in the middle of the highway.

A tragic event happened this Friday morning in the Highway May 25where two people died after being hit by a van in the lane of the metrobus. The accident would have occurred as a result of an argument between a man and a woman, who got out of a vehicle and began to fight in the middle of the road.

Police sources told infobae which staff of the Neighborhood Police Station 7 B of the City Police approached the rise to the highway, at the height of Carabobo, hand to the center, after being notified through a series of calls to 911. Upon arrival at the place, the officers found a Peugeot 207 in which two men and a woman circulated.

According to preliminary information, one of the men and the woman would have had a couple incident, after which the woman decided to get out of the car and get on the highway. The man followed her, while the owner of the vehicle decided to stay inside it.

The fight culminated in the middle of the lane of the metrobuswhere both were run over by a Mercedes Benz Sprinter minibus that, due to the reduced space in the lane -exclusive for short and long-distance buses and authorized combis- was unable to maneuver and avoid the impact.

Minutes later, a SAME doctor arrived on the highway and verified the death of the two people, who died on the spot.

For his part, the man who remained in the car suffered a nervous breakdown, for which he was assisted by the Single Corps of Psychologists (CUP) of the City Police.

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Two people died when they were run over by the Metrobús on the 25 de Mayo highway.
Two people died when they were run over by the Metrobús on the 25 de Mayo highway.

Now, the experts work to establish the affiliation of the deceased, their personal relationship and the link with the owner of the vehicle. The case involves National Criminal and Correctional Court 9in charge of Martin Sebastian Pelusoof the secretariat 108 of Diego Andres Villanueva.

After the fact, the Metrobús and two lanes of the hand to the Province of Buenos Aires were cut off and gazebos of the Mobile Criminal Unit (UCM) were installed.

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