“Dirty linen” of Basta’s jewelry business: combs for 75 thousand rubles and multimillion-dollar losses

The Moscow Arbitration Court ruled in the case against the jewelry house, which Basta owns alone.

The Moscow Arbitration Court ruled in the case against the jewelry house, which Basta owns alone.


Basta, a multi-stationer who not only releases tracks but also runs his own music label, hosts YouTube shows and sells fast food, does not always have time to keep his countless businesses under control. So, the main diamond in the necklace of Vasily Vakulenko’s projects (that’s how Basta is called-dignified according to the passport) – the jewelry house “Saint Bones” – has recently faded a little.

As the KP.RU website found out, the other day, the Moscow Arbitration Court made a decision in the case against the jewelry housewhich the rapper owns alone: the VNIIALMAZ company recovered 1 million 450 thousand rubles from Basta’s brainchild. This amount was formed due to delays in rental payments: from 2019 to 2020, Saint Bones rented premises from VNIIALMAZ at a rate of 163 thousand rubles per month. However, Basta did not fully pay off the landlord, and having received less profit, the owner of the premises went to court. Moreover, the penalties for delay significantly exceeded the existing debt. So, for example, for one of the premises, the rapper underpaid 19 thousand rubles, and the interest for a couple of years dripped as much as 199 thousand …

Initially, the plaintiff demanded 3 million 945 thousand rubles, however, the court moderated the landlord’s appetites and recalculated the amount in favor of Saint Bones, reducing it by more than 2 times. The court’s decision will come into force in early January, and until then the parties have time to appeal it.

Meanwhile, for the brainchild of Basta, one and a half million rubles is a rather critical amount. Instead of profit, the jewelry business brings the rapper losses from 1 to 9 million rubles from year to year. Yes, and buyers do not stand in line: only a very wealthy public can afford tsatska from a rapper. So, rings and hair combs from Basta cost up to 1100 euros (about 75 thousand rubles), silver bracelets with garnet stones – up to 1800 euros (about 120 thousand). A pendant made of yellow gold and diamonds will cost 4,000 euros (approx. 263 thousand), and a silver watch with rubies around the case will cost 5,500 euros (362 thousand).

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