Director Yuri Moroz spoke about the death of his daughter from Victoria Isakova

Director Yuri Moroz spoke about the death of his daughter from Victoria Isakova

Director Yuri Moroz spoke about the death of his daughter from Victoria Isakova


Producer Yuri Moroz survived two tragedies. director’s first wife Marina Levtova tragically died in 2000, crashing on a snowmobile. Then the artist stayed with his teenage daughter Daria Moroz one. Three years after the bereavement from a relationship with Victoria Isakova his daughter Marina was born. The newborn girl lived only three months. The artist only once gave an interview about the death of his first wife, but he did not talk about the death of his daughter. In a personal interview with Boris Korchevnikov, he first spoke about how he coped with his grief.

Yuri Moroz never came to terms with the death of his daughter Marina. The girl who gave birth to the actress Victoria Isakova, was a rare genetic disease that only German doctors were able to recognize. Doctors prepared the baby’s parents for her death, as they knew that it was impossible to save a child with such a diagnosis.

The doctors were delicate, but at the same time did not hide anything from the parents of the crumbs. Frost says that he experienced truly terrible moments of his life when his newborn child was dying in his arms. He still could not come to terms with grief and does not understand how one can accept this situation at all.

“To survive this is almost impossible. God forbid anyone survive. Here I pay tribute to German medicine. They said: “You know, you can leave this child and leave. But we advise you to be with him to the end.” Experts explained how this time is needed How long is left before she leaves. And this child leaves in your arms. She seems to fall asleep in your arms. When you are not ready, I don’t know how to survive it … “- said Frost with tears in his eyes.

The director noted that both he and his wife in the end, they were left alone with their grief. “This is a blow, after which it is very difficult to stand on your feet. I will never accept this with my heart: neither the departure of Marina’s first wife, nor the death of Marusya,” the master said on the air of the Life and Fate show on Russia 1 channel.

12 years after the tragedy, Moroz and Isakova became parents again. Their second was born in 2015 daughter Barbara. According to Yuri Pavlovich, he and his wife did a special test to determine genetic compatibility when Victoria became pregnant: “When Varya was born, we already knew for sure that we would not have this problem. But fear haunted us. Even after she appeared into the world, and it was clear that the child was normal, all the same, this fear remained.

The couple did not show their daughter. Publish photo of Varvara parents became only in 2018. “Showing is not about us. It’s not accepted in our family. Everyone lives modestly, not sticking out their lives. Of course, it’s hard to say about the actress and director, but it happened to us,” Moroz explained.

Recall that the director from Marina Levtova has an older daughter – an actress Daria Moroz. The age difference between the daughters of the filmmaker is 32 years. “The sisters communicate well. Dasha was even ready to take her to be brought up. She thinks that we are too soft, and Barbara needs to be brought up somehow. They have a very tender relationship. Dasha is a period of unconsciousness. That is, you understand that you have to do this and that. And still, this is only a part of your life. And Varya is almost my entire life, “said the 66-year-old director. Frost does not hide that he spoils his youngest daughter and allows her almost everything.

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