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Russian director Alexander Sokurov was not released from Russia to Finland “on the basis of the order of Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin,” the publication reports, citing Sokurov’s letter. The Insideron Wednesday, June 22.

According to the director, he planned to leave Russia by car across the border with Finland and fly from Helsinki to Milan to participate in an international cultural conference. This route was discussed “with the Italian and Finnish sides,” the director claims.

“At the border in Russia, all these plans were resolutely and actively suppressed. Border guards confiscated our passports and ran away somewhere. For several hours we could not understand what was happening, where our documents were, why we were not getting permission to cross the border. At the same time, hundreds of cars were moving around us, whole buses with Russian children, citizens who could pass, and we, like those under arrest, had to sit in anticipation of arrest, or what? Sokurov said in his letter.

As a result, he was informed that he would not be able to leave for Finland “on the basis of the order of Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin,” the director said.

“Later on the phone, I learned from the employees of the Milan conference that they somehow miraculously found the phone number of this frontier post, called there, but no one at the frontier post could speak English and the border guards did not understand what the foreigners wanted from them, the FSB officers. The Italians found a Russian interpreter, and then they heard that our passports were “stamped” and we supposedly could go … But they just didn’t clarify where exactly my colleague and I could go,” Sokurov described the situation, who eventually returned to St. Petersburg.

The director said that he appealed to the Human Rights Council.

Russia has not formally lifted anti-COVID restrictions

The Insider does not specify on the basis of what “Mishustin’s order” Sokurov was not released from the country. The publication suggests that we are talking about restrictions on crossing land borders introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to government order No. 763-ryou can leave Russia by car only if there are good reasons: a residence permit, dual citizenship or close family ties.

In the case of a planned business trip or medical treatment, these grounds must be confirmed at the border, explained in Association of Tour Operators of Russia. Finland will remove anti-COVID entry restrictions on June 30, the country’s authorities announced.

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