Dina Boluarte will call AMLO and other presidents who are unaware of their government “personally”

Dina Boluarte announces that she will call presidents who do not know her as president. channel N

The president Dina Boluarte announced this Tuesday that he will call “personally” to the presidents of Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and Bolivia, who are unaware of their government and consider that Pedro Castillo is a “victim of undemocratic harassment.”

“I think that the information to these countries is coming out distorted or wrong. No one here has removed the president from office. What has happened is that Castillo has carried out a coup, he has wanted to close Congress and immediately seize the powers of the State, ”he said at a press conference.

Consequently, the chancellor [Cecilia Gervasi Díaz] already has the indication to communicate personally, by telephone, with the president of Mexico, Colombia and Argentina, even though [este último] on Wednesday he called me to congratulate me; I don’t understand her change of mind. I will also do it with the president of Bolivia and Brazil”, continued Boluarte.

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The administrations of these countries have assured that Castillo is being subjected to “the object of judicial treatment in the same violative manner” and asked that the “citizen’s will” expressed at the polls be respected.

“Our governments call on all the actors involved in the previous process to prioritize the will of the citizens that was pronounced at the polls,” they said in the statement published after many of them had already expressed their concern about the crisis unleashed in Peru since Castillo dissolved Congress.

President Dina Boluarte will evaluate the extension of the state of emergency at the national level.
President Dina Boluarte will evaluate the extension of the state of emergency at the national level.

With the statement, these countries joined the defense that Mexico has been making since the events and the statements by the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, that he had authorized Castillo’s asylum, while delaying the recognition of boluarte as president.

For its part, Colombia, which at first condemned “any attack against democracy, wherever it comes from” after Castillo’s pronouncement, then through its president Gustavo Petro called on the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) to that they issue precautionary measures in favor of “president” Castillo.


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