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In Russia, the soloist of the legendary group “Tender May” Yuri Shatunov died. He was 48 years old. The Telegram channel “Caution, news” reported on Thursday, June 23 that singer died in the ambulance, which arrived at the call. The cause was a massive heart attack. The information was confirmed by Shatunov’s manager to the Zvezda TV channel.

Yuri Shatunov was a member of the “Tender May” group from 1986 to 1991 and became famous for performing such hits as “White Roses”, “Gray Night”, “Pink Evening” and “Childhood”. After leaving “Tender May” in 1991, Shatunov left for Germany, then returned to Russia, pursued a solo musical career, but no longer reached his former popularity.

Biography of Yuri Shatunov

Musician was born on September 6, 1973 in the villages of Pyatki in Bashkiria, in an ambulance when his mother was being taken to the maternity hospital in the city of Kumertau. He went to school in the Bashkir village of Staraya Otrada, in 1985, after the death of his mother, Yuri Shatunov ended up in an orphanage in the city of Akbulak. Later, he began to study at a boarding school in Orenburg, where he met the head of the music circle, Sergei Kuznetsov, at the same time the Tender May group appeared. In 1987, the songs “White Roses” and “Gray Night” were recorded.

In 1988, Yuri Shatunov came to Moscow, where in the same year began his first tour as part of “Tender May”. This group, led by Andrey Razin, had several soloists, the group gave several dozen concerts a month, sometimes performing in several cities at once. In 1991, the group “Tender May” broke up, and the singer began a solo career. Shatunov released the albums “Do You Remember”, “Remember May”, “Gray Night”, “Don’t Be Silent” and others.

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