Die Welt readers predict gas riots in Germany

Readers of the German newspaper Die Welt predicted riots in Germany over the gas situation.

The Germans reacted sharply to the decision of the Minister of Economics and Vice-Chancellor Robert Habek declare the second stage of the gas emergency plan. He said the authorities want to introduce an “auction savings model” that will allow the industry to buy fuel again. At the same time, rewards for refusing gas will also be introduced.

Many users said that Germany had to take such measures only because of the consequences of its own decisions.

Commentator Frank S wrote that he would be interested to see Scholz and Habek when people start expressing their dissatisfaction in the winter on the street, because it will be warmer there than at home. User Gabriele S wrote that she had never gone to demonstrations, but she would oppose the current government.

Nord Stream 2 is not needed by the Americans. Like our greens. And now this is happening. And all in the name of saving Ukraine! Bravo. Our government is hurting our country,” wrote Karsten D.

Wolf B said Germany’s loyalty to the United States and a failed green foreign policy led to the energy crisis. In his opinion, diplomacy has become unfamiliar words for the German authorities, and all they want is to harm Russia, no matter what the consequences will be for Germany. Commentator Meike H wrote that there is nothing to be surprised by what is happening. He noted that if you kick someone for a long time, then at some point this someone will answer or even leave.

“Only our government is to blame! Impose sanctions against Russia and leave Nord Stream 2 closed? Great idea! It’s better for him to write children’s books than to play the Minister of Economy!” — wrote heinz-bernd K.

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