“Did you dig potatoes? And I dug! ”: Mishustin talked with farmers near Moscow

Mishustin was shown greenhouses with cucumbers and tomatoes and offered to taste the vegetables.  Photo: Alexander Astafiev/POOL/TASS

Mishustin was shown greenhouses with cucumbers and tomatoes and offered to taste the vegetables. Photo: Alexander Astafiev/POOL/TASS

Premier on Wednesday Mikhail Mishustin went to Kashira near Moscow to get acquainted with local agricultural production. He was accompanied by the Minister of Agriculture Dmitry Patrushev and the Governor of the Moscow Region Andrey Vorobyov. It was 30 degrees outside. Mishustin decided to follow the protocol and did not take off his jacket, allowing himself to give up only his tie. The rest followed suit.

Mishustin was shown greenhouses with cucumbers and tomatoes and offered to taste the vegetables. The prime minister opted for cherry tomatoes.

– Very tasty. Correct, sugar is felt, – the prime minister estimated.

In the greenhouse, the premiere was shown the “breadwinner-cucumber” of the Meva variety.

– Russian variety? Mishustin asked.

– No, Dutch, – they answered him.

“That’s why we came here,” Mishustin turned to Dmitry Patrushev.

He nodded in agreement.

In the tomato greenhouse, Mishustin also asked about varieties. And I also heard that the main agricultural varieties are imported, but now our own varieties are being tested.

Mishchustin asked the farmers if they have problems with imported components and agricultural equipment against the backdrop of sanctions. They explained to the prime minister that the supply chain had lengthened, so components had to be ordered in advance. Also, according to them, for some positions, agricultural producers began to focus on Russian and Asian producers.

Mishustin recalled that when the first sanctions were imposed against Russia in 2014, a special program was developed that made it possible to almost double the production of domestic vegetables.

– Every year there was an increase. But, of course, it is very important – in addition to increasing such a volume of production – to engage in selection and seed production. Now we need to pay the same attention to this,” Mishustin said.

At another agricultural enterprise, Mishustin was shown grown potatoes. One of the varieties turned out to be blue-black in color. It’s called Miami.

– Are these our potatoes? Mishustin asked.

– Our! They just came up with such a name on purpose so that it was clear that it was connected with … such a dark, dark … – agronomists hinted to Mishustin.

– Ink would come up as a name! Mishustin noted.

And then Mishustin, Patrushev and Vorobyov hit the memories of how they dug potatoes in their youth.

– Well, it looks delicious! Look how beautiful. This is how tubers looked like in childhood, – Mishustin turned to Patrushev, examining the potatoes of the Russian selection laid out in front of him.

– When I was digging potatoes with my grandparents … – began Patrushev.

– And you dug? Mishustin said.

– And I dug, of course! – assured Patrushev.

– Andrey Yurievich, did you dig potatoes? Mishustin asked Vorobyov.

– Regularly! the governor assured.

“On the May holidays, we always went to dig potatoes,” Mishustin said.

– Plant, – Patrushev corrected the prime minister.

– At first it was called digging, then planting. First, it was necessary to dig a field of 4 acres, and then plant it. Twice they dug up more, fertilized, and by September they were already harvesting the crop, – the prime minister patiently explained to the minister.

Turning to a serious tone, Mishustin noted that food security today is the most important thing in the country.

“I hope that with such joint efforts we will solve the most important task – ensuring the country’s food security, including with our selection and our material,” the prime minister concluded.

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