Diana Celis sued Epa Colombia: she asks that the 6 years of their relationship be legally recognized

Epa Colombia was sued by his ex-girlfriend, soccer player Diana Celis.  What happened?  Photo: social networks.
Epa Colombia was sued by his ex-girlfriend, soccer player Diana Celis. What happened? Photo: social networks.

To the endless novel between Daneidy Barrera Rojas (Epa Colombia) and his ex-girlfriend Diana Celis (former player of Club Independiente Santa Fe) a new edge is added: in the last hours it was known that the athlete sued to the businesswoman of keratins before family court 029, in Bogotá.

According to what various media outlets in the country recently reported, Celis instituted legal action against her ex-partner for the de facto marital union that united them for several years and that now seeks to be recognized before the country’s justice. It is to be remembered that this relationship was one of the most mediatic of the Colombian show business and ended badly after Both, presumably, were unfaithful.

Epa Colombia and the soccer player had been together for more than six years and, in January 2022, they announced that they were ending their idyllic love story, the same one that is now in the judicial instances thanks to the fact that the current defender of the Santiago Morning Sports Club (from Chile) He asked the aforementioned court to recognize that he was all those years with the controversial and millionaire influencer.

Diana Celis, Colombian soccer player.  Photo: Instagram @diana.celis5
Diana Celis, Colombian soccer player. Photo: Instagram @diana.celis5

For now, it is ruled out that the court calls the two parties to appear since, at this stage, the jurists are in charge of collect all the evidence and other testimonials that allow establishing the marital bond between the two women, well known on social networks.

According to the newspaper Timewho had access to the judicial action of Celis, this was filed on last july 1 and, a day later, received the backing of the court, which admitted it for study. In August, the judges asked the ex-partner of Epa Colombia for more information, so the 16 of that month the lawsuit was filed again and now it makes its way into the aforementioned family office.

For now, neither of the two has referred to the subject of this legal battle that they undertake Those who have broken the silence in this regard were the lawyers of Epa Colombia. One of them, Omar Ocampo Hoyos told the aforementioned newspaper that he did know about Celis’ lawsuit against his client, but that I didn’t have more information because he only represents her in the process for the damages that the influencer caused to the Molinos station of TransMilenio and that He almost lands her in jail.

Epa Colombia, Colombian influencer.  Photo: Instagram @epa_colombia
Epa Colombia, Colombian influencer. Photo: Instagram @epa_colombia

When consulting the website of the Judicial Branch, it is evident that, when these types of lawsuits are filed, they have a deadline to file one year after the relationship ended, it would seek to demand economic issues or the recognition of goods that were acquired when the link was maintained. All this had to have been registered before a Notary.

This perspective was ratified by the family lawyer Ramiro Cubillo, who told the aforementioned medium that, in effect, these types of lawsuits are established when there is money involved: “There may be an economic interest in wanting to declare a de facto marital union after people separate, because what has been achieved during the time the relationship has lasted may have some connection. It is time to look at the type of goods, how they were acquired, why they are acquired and others”, the litigant told the newspaper Time.

For now, there are no further details of this legal process, however, it should be mentioned that the Constitutional Court, through the Sentence C-577, has announced that homosexual couples also constitute de facto marital unions, so this case will be treated as it is normally done with a non-same-sex partner.


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