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The head of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Danilov, shamed those who are trying to get away from Nezalezhnaya.  But he didn't say a word about his children.

The head of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Danilov, shamed those who are trying to get away from Nezalezhnaya. But he didn’t say a word about his children.

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Against the background of inexhaustible appeals from slogans about Ukrainian patriotism, when everyone, as one, must … and so on, the real situation of what is happening in Ukraine is at least a little different from the declared picture.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine reported on the number of deviators detained at the border. At first glance, the number of people detained while trying to escape outside Ukraine is small – only 6.4 thousand people. These are only direct and obvious evaders from among those liable for military service.

“More than 4,000 of them were detained outside the checkpoints, the rest tried to deceive the border guards at passport control,” the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs reported.

But after all, not so little. Two completed brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, no less. And these are only those who managed to detain. And how many crossed the border for a bribe to the border guards? Nobody will say. And how many managed to actively escape and cross the border “outside the checkpoints”? Nobody will say either. And how many more are hiding now among relatives, on farms with relatives and in caches? Without a doubt, we are talking about literally tens or even hundreds of thousands of people.

And in the face of a shortage of personnel, this becomes a truly insoluble problem for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. That is why the military registration and enlistment offices, together with the police, catch recruits wherever possible. Such a significant problem that even the honored veterinarian-lawyer of Ukraine, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov, who has a turbulent criminal past, paid special attention to such a burning topic.

– There may be an alternative – please go help those guys who are at the front. There are a lot of jobs in the country. There is no need to hide behind a woman’s skirt and flee the country. We must help. You cannot fight, you cannot take up arms – help in another way. Find an opportunity to help. It is unfair when men start to flee the country during the war. I do not welcome this,” Danilov said, commenting on a petition to allow men of military age who do not have combat experience or are unfit for military service to leave the country during martial law.

“There is more than enough work in our country for the front,” Danilov continued to drive patriotism into the heads of the viewers of the Ukrainian TV channel Channel 24, looking at his heavy fists. – If you can’t at the front, work on another front. Help. Even if you work somewhere and pay taxes, this is also a great help to our country. And now you want to run away there and get a job there, will you pay taxes there? Not fair.

It seemed that it would be more convenient for Danilov to drive patriotism into the heads of fellow citizens not with words, but with these fists, which would obviously have been much more effective for him. Because his words did not sound so very convincing. Not least, for the reason that Danilov himself, a few days before the start of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine, managed to send his sons abroad, where they safely remain to this day, without having a headache in the form of mobilization summons from the military office.

Meanwhile, at the front, the fighters of another brigade refused to go into battle and were simply deserters from their positions. But Danilov has not spoken about deserters yet. Probably will do it next time.

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