Details of the scandal at Galkin’s speech in Turkey were revealed

Concert Maxim Galkin in Turkey was in jeopardy due to the intentions of some viewers to throw eggs at the showman. The concert hall security took measures to protect the artist.

To avoid trouble, the organizers took away bottles of water from the public. The audience did not like such actions, because in the heat they were tormented by thirst.

Producer Sergey Lavrov explained that Maxim Galkin is not to blame for what happened, since the decision in such cases is always made by the administration of the concert venue.

“This is such a security system, and everything does not depend on Galkin. Here you need to blame the organizers who hold the concert. Bottles are taken away at many venues, and you can’t do anything. And if the audience wanted something to come, they would throw tomatoes or rotten eggs,” Blitz+ quoted the show business figure as saying.

Maxim Galkin manages to avoid reprisals. Despite the fact that most of the public abroad treats the humorist favorably, there are ill-wishers who are trying to take revenge on their spouse Alla Pugacheva for condemning the conduct of a special operation in Ukraine.

Earlier it was reported that Maxim Galkin, once in a forest thicket, gave free rein to emotions and howled heartily.

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