Destroyed column of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Davydov Brod

The nationalists of the Kyiv regime in the Kherson direction made another attempt to attack Davydov Brod. Now the attack was from Belogorka, and from the crossing in Belaya Krinitsa.

In total, up to 50 units of lightly armored vehicles and “carts” pickups attacked. The video presented by the Rybar military-analytical Telegram channel shows a field plowed up by shells and an abandoned column of APU equipment near Davydov Ford.

Among this abandoned military equipment, you can see Kozak armored vehicles and the French VAB armored personnel carrier. The advance of Bandera was stopped by fighters from the Far East, artillerymen and pilots of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Destroyed a column of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kherson direction near Davydov Brod

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