Despite health problems, Andrés García refused to see his son Leonardo again

Andrés García is still angry with his son Leonardo and does not want to see him (Photo: Instagram @andresgarciatvoficial//@leonardogarciaof)
Andrés García is still angry with his son Leonardo and does not want to see him (Photo: Instagram @andresgarciatvoficial//@leonardogarciaof)

Although Andres Garcia insists that these could be his last days of life, his wife Margarita Portillo revealed that the actor does not want to see to his son Leonardwith whom he has had a contentious relationship.

A few months ago Leonardo García, son of the legendary actor Andrés García, constantly visited his father, who lives in Acapulco, Guerrero. Leonardo had been one of the main ones to share information about his father’s health, but the time when they had a good relationship again is over.

In interview with windowingMargarita Portillo confessed that no matter how many efforts Andrés’s son makes to try to reconnect with him, the actor simply he refuses to see itwell it is upset with the behavior that he would have had with them on the last occasion that he went to visit him.

“I did see him upset and it is understandable because he is his son. Yes, (Leonardo) told me: ‘I have to go to work, but if he wants I’ll take a plane and go see him’, but I asked Andrés and Andrew did not wantbecause it is so”

This information had already been released by Leonardo a week ago in a meeting with the press, when he was questioned about the reasons why he was seen, once again, distanced from his father, to which he assured that their relationship would be fractured because Andrés had wanted it that way when object to receiving him at home.

In a recent interview that Andres Garcia gave to First hand, confessed that his current anger with his son is due to the fact that the last time he visited him, he stayed at his house in Acapulco, where there is only one lady who does the cleaning. For this reason, the protagonist of Pedro navaja I expected Leonard help with the cleaning of the room he used, and he did not. This sparked a big discussion that to this day keeps them away.

“The last night he wanted to stay, I grab and see and he leaves, but early in the morning, I say ‘Hey, are you leaving?’, ‘Yes, I’m leaving, dad.’ She was already leaving, I don’t know if she was planning to fire her or not, and I ‘I don’t see that you’re fixing up the room you used, I just have a lady, she can’t do everything’, (and she answers me) ‘And what do you want me to do?’, so he replied, ‘then go to fuck your mother’I had no other choice”, he narrated last August.

After this, Andrés revealed that he already modified his will to only inherit two people, taking Leonardo and Roberto Palazuelos out of it. Now the ones who will receive his assets will be his wife, Margarita Portillo, and his sister, Rosa.

García Vale has stated that he does not care about the fact that his father has taken him out of his will since he has his own assets and is not with the actor with the intention of being inherited. Likewise, he has remarked that he will be available for when he wants to see the former soap opera heartthrob again.

Previously, the first actor had complained that Leonardo ignored him, because he was not going to visit him constantly, as he would like, even more so when his health continues to worsen; however, after Andrés’ claims, his son went to see him in Acapulco.


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