Deripaska predicted the timing of the global crisis

Oleg Deripaska believes that the current global crisis will last another 2.5-3 years. According to billionairenow “it’s just some kind of transcendental level of lies and provocations around the world.”

“As soon as the current madness stops, and, apparently, everyone has enough strength and fuse for another 2.5-3 years, then the main priority for politicians who remain sane and with conscience will be serious revision of the universal norms of international lawwhich will be recognized and respected by all (!!!) countries,” Deripaska wrote in his Telegram channel. The author’s spelling and punctuation have been preserved.

He believes that there will be “a complete depoliticization of the organizations of the UN system and international judicial institutions, with the obligatory regular transfer of their headquarters to different countries in order to deprive the host countries of administrative leverage to influence their work and the decisions they make.”

Oleg Deripaska also noted “just some transcendental level of lies around the world these days.”

“Criminal cases are falsified, and law enforcement and judicial authorities around the world have become obedient tools in the hands of politicians, as if they had forgotten about the law and fair justice“, he noted.

Recall that the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia rejected Oleg Deripaska’s petition to lift sanctions.

Sanctions against the entrepreneur in 2018 were introduced by the Office for Foreign Assets Control of the US Department of the Treasury. Then the American authorities decided that Deripaska continued financial activities with the help of proxies. In September of this year, the US Attorney’s Office accused the entrepreneur of violating sanctions.

In April of this year, personal sanctions against Oleg Deripaska were introduced by the European Union.

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