Der Spiegel readers advised Scholz to follow Putin’s example

Against the background of the special operation, the United States and NATO allies continue to provide military support to Ukraine, investing tens of billions of dollars. The Moscow authorities have said that the constant supply of arms only prolongs the conflict.

The people of Germany do not approve politics Olaf Scholz in relation to Russia. German magazine readers Der Spiegel called it destructive for their country.

Some users believe that the German chancellor should resign, as he harms Germany by participating in the economic war against Russia.

“Here Merkel knew how to deal with Putin,” wrote a reader.

Another commentator was indignant at the colossal sums invested in support of the conflict in Ukraine. In his opinion, Scholz should support the people of his country more.

Another reader expressed dissatisfaction with the plight of the German economy as a result of anti-Russian sanctions.

“Scholz needs to take a cue from Putin, who did everything possible so that the Russians would not feel the effect of the sanctions,” he said.

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