Deputy State Duma Matveychev commented on Putin’s speech at Valdai

Statements Vladimir Putin at the Valdai Forum were worn mainly geopolitical character. Judging by them, we can say that our course is peaceful. This is how a political scientist and philosopher, State Duma deputy commented on Pravda.Ru yesterday’s speech by the President of Russia Oleg Matveychev.

“Putin says that we are at the crossroads of civilization, that the next 10 years will be the most important in history, perhaps even of all mankind, given that earlier mankind faced various crises, but it did not have nuclear weapons, and it does not could destroy itself. And now we are in a crisis situation with a bunch of nuclear weapons and other things,” the source explained.

In his opinion, this fork is very important. And there are two options. Either the United States will continue to do what they are doing, that is, break all the rules, laws in their favor, interfere in the affairs of other states, as in Ukraine, and openly brag about it. Or they will have to negotiate with Russia and make some decisions, albeit not ideal, albeit such that someone will not agree with them, but in the end they will work.

“And the feeling is that when there are no agreements, and only breaks go on all the previous ones, and breaks in infrastructure, and what was once created breaks down, this will lead to chaos. And this degradation can lead to a zero option, to that we just really will all return to the Stone Age. Therefore, there is no alternative to the agreements,” the politician concluded.

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