Deputy Medvedev on the withdrawal of troops from Krasny Liman

Red Estuary will be returned, although it will not be easy, said the journalist and deputy of the Moscow City Duma Andrey Medvedev. In his opinion, the current situation is nothing more than an indicator that Russia “has grappled with the NATO bloc.”

As the deputy emphasized, the withdrawal from Krasny Liman is not a “catastrophe”, but a serious reputational blow to the Russian side.

“Was the situation with Liman predictable? Yes. Could it have been prevented? Under certain conditions, yes. But these conditions were not there. “We have grappled with the NATO bloc.”

According to the deputy, it is necessary to draw serious conclusions from the Liman situation. Medvedev said that now the rear is no less important than the line of contact.

“We are wasting time, and this is the most important resource now. Losing time, we are losing the initiative. However, we will return the Liman. And we will go to the borders of the Novorossiysk regions. And we will go further. Until the main victory,” the politician summed up.

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