Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland Yablonsky: Russian Armed Forces rocket fell 15 km from the Polish border

Russian troops attacked targets military infrastructure on the territory of Ukraine during a military special operation. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland Pavel Yablonsky stated that the rocket fell a short distance from the Polish border.

He noted that Russia launched several missiles at once from the Black Sea, but the Ukrainian air defense systems (AD) intercepted “most of it.”

According to Yablonsky, the date of the attack was not chosen by chance. At this time, the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs arrived in Ukraine Zbigniew Rauwhich is an important ally of Ukraine.

“This kind of attack right at the Polish border was probably also supposed to show that the Russians are capable of responding to this. It was a warning sign for Poland. We must be careful not to provoke Russia,” the deputy foreign minister said in an interview. Polsat News.

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