Deputy Borodai: Russian Armed Forces suffer from lack of manpower near Liman: “There are no people”

The situation in Krasny Liman area develops not in favor of the allied forces, the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation believes Alexander Borodai.

The main problem of the Russian army in this area is an acute shortage of military personnel, Borodai believes. The deputy added that the Armed Forces of Ukraine here are significantly outnumbered by the allied forces.

“The guns are still firing, but there are no people. And the enemy has a lot of infantry and armor. Where vehicles can go, they go. Where infantry can go, infantry goes,” Borodai said in a conversation with WarGonzo.

The parliamentarian added that the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to try to capture the village of Torskoye, in order to cut off the supply lines to the allied forces.

“Attempts to capture have already been made. So far they have failed, but the enemy has significant reserves, he will rush with all his might. We need to prepare for a serious defense. I hope that the village of Torskoye will be held,” Borodai expressed his opinion.

In addition, the deputy does not believe that the offensive of the Ukrainian military in the direction of Liman failed. He noted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to advance here, albeit at a slow pace.

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