dentists prescribed the boy the wrong treatment

A schoolboy in Omsk was left without four teeth after doctors did it wrong performed a fillinginforms about it

It is noted that the mother brought her son to the children’s medical center. At the appointment, the doctor “by eye” determined that the child needed to fill four teeth – the specialists did not take any pictures beforehand.

One of the “cured” teeth began to hurt after a few days. The mother and child returned to the clinic. During the examination, another doctor, without any tools, broke off part of the tooth and tried to get its roots. Blood began to flow from the mouth without stopping. The specialist did not continue the treatment.

Then, in another clinic, the woman was explained that all four teeth would have to be removed, because they were treated incorrectly.

Mom filed a lawsuit against the medical center in the district court.

Earlier it was known that schoolgirl died at the dental clinic in Tolyatti. According to the investigation, a girl born in 2011 went to one of the private dental clinics because of caries. It was decided to treat the child’s tooth under anesthesia. After completing the treatment and turning off the apparatus for inhalation anesthesia, the doctor recorded a violation of the heart rhythm in the schoolgirl. The resuscitation measures carried out by the doctors did not help. It was not possible to save her.

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