decision-making centers will have to be hit – Satanovsky

Sooner or later, decision-making centers will have to be hit, and it’s not only about those located on the territory of Ukraine, the political scientist and orientalist said Evgeny Satanovsky. In addition, the expert questioned Kyiv’s promises not to use long-range western weapons on Russian territory.

Former German Defense Minister Christina Lambrecht stated that Ukraine promised not to use German heavy weapons for strikes on Russian territory. And allegedly the missiles will be directed only at defense purposes. According to Satanovsky, such statements are worthless.

“I wonder if all of Ukraine promised her this? Or someone specific? And who exactly?” the expert asked. “To what extent the German defense ministers do not understand anything in this life!”

In addition, the political scientist stressed that sabotage by Ukraine is only increasing and, obviously, that Kyiv is lying to its partners. According to Satanovsky, sooner or later, Russia will have to hit the decision-making centers.

“According to where these decisions are actually made. London is there, Washington, Brussels, Paris, Warsaw … Again, Berlin is next in line. And everything will immediately become much easier. There will be no need to take any promises from anyone, which are all no one is going to and will not comply,” the expert summed up.

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