David Nostas Antezana, the “Search for people”, died after solving thousands of disappearances in the world

David Nosta Antezana passed away.  (Facebook)
David Nosta Antezana passed away. (Facebook)

David Nosta Antezanaknown internationally as the ‘Search people’passed away last Wednesday, January 11, as announced by his page of Facebookwhich has more than a million followers.

The journalist from Arequipa dedicated himself full time to looking for people who were missing. Throughout his career, he managed to solve some 46 thousand cases worldwide.

Nevertheless, David Nostas Antezana It was not only limited to the search for people, but also for pets. Likewise, during his 25 years in this work, the press man helped Latin American relatives to reunite with his loved ones.

According to his statements for a television medium, he began the search for missing persons after solving the case of a co-worker, something that brought him great satisfaction.

“One fine day, a boy who works with me asked me to look for a sister he hadn’t heard from for many years, since they had been separated when they were very young. I accepted her challenge, found her and had my first family reunion, that was enough for me to fall madly in love with this humanitarian work”, she recounted.

Since then, David Nostas Antezana started his career as ‘Search people’ and different television programs contacted him to investigate cases that only he could solve, which ended in moving scenes.

In recent years, the journalist from Arequipa has devoted himself completely to social networks, where he published about the cases he was investigating, as well as messages of help from his followers, who were trying to find a loved one.

For this reason, David Nostas had two ways to search for people, the first was free and the second was preferential. In the one that was free, logically there was no charge, but it took a while due to high demand. While the preferential one had a cost of 30 soles for Peru and 10 dollars for foreign cases.

David Nosta Antezana passed away on January 11, 2023.
David Nosta Antezana passed away on January 11, 2023.

The fans of David Nosta Antezana They deeply mourned his death. In the comments of the farewell video that they posted on his Facebook account, thousands of users of this social network thanked him for the work he did while he was alive.

Likewise, some of the families that were reunited also dedicated tender words of gratitude to him. Likewise, others highlighted the kindness he had when taking on different cases to bring joy to families.

David Nosta Antezana.
David Nosta Antezana.


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