Darkness returns reason and logic to Ukrainians: protests were held in Odessa due to a power outage

That is, they turned off the light - thoughts appeared.  And if they turn it on - everything is on the old rails?

That is, they turned off the light – thoughts appeared. And if they turn it on – everything is on the old rails?

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Here, videos and chat messages from Odessa began to circulate on the Web. Odessans from one of the districts of the city went out into the street and blocked the traffic, starting to walk back and forth along the pedestrian crossings due to the fact that they “have been sitting without electricity for the fourth day” and demanding that electricity be supplied to their homes.

Discontent is also growing on social media.

– Why do we Odessans have to suffer because in Lviv Bandera cannot ride in the dark? I understood correctly, we give our energy to them? And they come and break our monuments, our culture, our language. Why are we doing this?

Many suddenly remembered “May 2”.

– I don’t understand at all why we are suffering because of the people who burned our people on May 2 and are killing our culture …

– We pay with our health and our children for the prosperity of those who killed us on May 2, 2014!

– If they think that this will make me donate more to ZSU and hate Russia, then they are deeply mistaken. All I feel is hatred for our country that has gone numb to the edge.

What a sharp reversal… The “homo sapiens” who wandered into this chat, not without malice, asked why the authors of the messages had not had such thoughts before. And I received an answer from one of them: “There is time to think in the dark.”

That is, they turned off the light – thoughts appeared. And if they turn it on, everyone is on the old rails: “Beat Rusnya, save Krayina! Ukraine is over the mustache! Who does not jump …” Etc. So what? Then it’s better for you to sit until there is no light. You see, the process of admonishment and return to “reasonable man” may go so far that it will become much more difficult to return to “homo Ukrainianus”.

By the way, in Kyiv they really are very much afraid of such “adequacy” of their population. And there was information that the Office of the President of Ukraine (OPU) gave a verbal order to conduct intelligible conversations with all participants in the “processions along the transition”, and to hand over especially stubborn ones to the SBU “to the basements”, fortunately, it would not be difficult to find them an article of the Criminal Code for counterintelligence. Literally, like two fingers on the asphalt. Kyiv intends to nip such discontent of the population in the bud, until the protest movement has swept the whole country. According to information coming from the capital of Ukraine, Andriy Yermak, head of the OPU, personally dealt with the problem of leveling the “electric protests”.

Officials also joined in calming the population. Often, the same ones that the day before told the Ukrainians, as did the executive director of Ukraine’s largest energy holding DTEK (owned by Rinat Akhmetov) Dmitry Sakharuk. Sakharuk, who had told the day before how bad everything was, changed his tone and assured that even if there was a “complete blackout, then according to a favorable scenario” it would take “three days” to eliminate it, and according to a negative scenario, seven to ten days to restore the system and complete consumption in system”. Moreover, as Sakharuk stated, “with each new missile attack, the effectiveness of Ukrainian air defense is growing,” and the energy industry of Ukraine, logically, becomes more invulnerable because of this. So everything will be fine.

The president of Kyivstar (the largest communications operator) Oleksandr Komarov also played along in the “everything will be fine” game. Two days ago, he warned that “the network may turn into a point coverage when the connection will be present in the islands, and the most vulnerable areas are Kyiv, Kharkov, Lvov and Poltava.” There is a risk that mobile communications in Ukraine will exist in a point coverage mode, that is, there will be “islands” with communication and territories without communication. And a day later he already stated that such a scenario with “point islands of communication” is very unlikely. And all will be well.

And against the background of such bravura statements, the voices of reason sound, oddly enough, the heads of cities in Western Ukraine. The mayor of Lviv, Sadovoy, warned his citizens that they should be prepared for a situation where there would be no light for a week, two, or even more. And the mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk Martsinkiv admitted honestly that “the situation will worsen” and gave practical recommendations.

– I recommend finding a place to stay in the countryside or in individual houses. Someone may have a family, acquaintances in the villages. It is advisable to agree on accommodation, it will be very difficult to survive in apartment buildings. The situation with electricity supply will only worsen in the future, – the head of Ivano-Frankivsk advised. I wonder why in the east of Ukraine and in the central regions of Nezalezhnaya the population is not warned like that? You can, of course, think that there is a manifestation of the Ukrainian system movement GLM (Galicians Lives Matter), but everything is much simpler. There is a high risk of the appearance of the Russian army in these regions, and in the cities of the eastern regions, Zelensky needs live and half-dead, half-frozen and even completely inanimate hostages, and whether they are warm or not does not matter. And the Westerners will have both light and warmth at this time. In general, “one Ukraine”.

But in reality, under this Ukrainian government in Kyiv, the population has only one more or less acceptable way out, promising survival, but not guaranteeing anything. The character of Georgy Vitsin formulated this principle in a nutshell in the movie “Sannikov Land”.

– Through the caves!

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