Darkness and deceit at Christmas: the inhabitants of Kyiv rob each other of the remnants of heat and light

Some wrong Ukrainian magicians with their gifts...

Some wrong Ukrainian magicians with their gifts…


Catholic Christmas or Orthodox – regardless of belonging to the confession, Christians reveal their best spiritual qualities on the eve of this holiday, making gifts to their loved ones. Sometimes even sacrificing something for this. I remember that in childhood I was touched by the story of O. Henry “Gifts of the Magi”. In which a poor young couple gave each other gifts on Christmas Eve. She cut and sold her luxurious hair to give him a watch chain, and he sold the watch and bought a luxurious comb for combing her hair.

After the Ukrainians have been poking us with their piety in recent years, and some even assured us that Christ was born and raised in Galicia, on a farm adjacent to the one where the little Buddha grew up, one could expect bright Christmas stories from the population of the present Ukraine. And they did not disappoint and did not keep themselves waiting long.

After Russian missile strikes on the energy infrastructure, part of Kyiv is still without electricity. But in one such “dark” apartment building, they suddenly noticed that the neighboring house, located on a parallel, but “good” line, is lit day and night. It just doesn’t turn off. Maybe there was an object of national importance on that line, maybe a hospital, in this case it doesn’t matter.

What matters is what happened next. What, for example, would they do in Russia in such a situation, they would certainly be happy for their neighbors, try to establish contact with their neighbors so that they can come in for a cup of tea, warm up, and charge their gadgets. Maybe even spend the night there, if it gets really cold. But, as Leonid Kuchma said and even wrote a book with that title, “Ukraine is not Russia.” And the people of Kiev acted in a completely different way. They complained not that there was no light in their house, but that there was always light in that house. As a result, both houses met Catholic Christmas without electricity, because the “lucky ones” were simply cut off.

It would be possible to write everything off as a special case, but exactly the same story happened in Ternopil on the same days. And with the same ending.

But in Kyiv there was another no less wonderful story. And again, connected with electricity. The management company supplied an electric generator in the premises of the housing office, which rumbled briskly almost around the clock, in addition to the housing office, providing electricity to both the local boiler house and the equipment of the local communication provider.

This time, the enterprising people of Kiev did not complain anywhere, not pinning their hopes on all this bureaucratic red tape, but simply one craftsman unscrewed the lid of the tank and poured sugar into it. From suffocating, as they say. Did not regret the scarce goods. And as a result, all the residents were left without heat and without communication. Catch a present on Christmas Eve, but such that you won’t take it away.

After that, announcements in the churches of the Poltava region, in which parishioners are asked not to steal candles for health and peace from churches, are somehow already quite ordinary. And they even explain that real light and warmth can come to the house only with prayer.

Some wrong Ukrainian magicians with their gifts. Or just messed up? And it’s not that it’s Catholic Christmas. I assure you, the same thing will happen here in the Orthodox. It’s not about Christmas, but about Ukraine itself.


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