Dangerous provocation and vile farce: China appreciates Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

Pelosi before leaving Taiwan

Pelosi before leaving Taiwan

A photo: REUTERS

The speaker of the US House of Representatives, the third most important (after the President and Vice President of the United States), Nancy Pelosi, certainly assumed that will become the main newsmaker these days world media. But she hardly counted on such a negative perception of her visit to Taiwan, unrecognized by the world community.

Although, after all, the United States, like the vast majority of countries in the world, does not recognize Taiwan’s independence, and, therefore, the visit of such a high-ranking foreign person should have been unambiguously regarded from the very beginning as provocative and undermining stability.

And so it happened. Official Beijing first condemned Pelosi’s plans, and then her visit itself. The Chinese Foreign Ministry said the trip “will have a serious impact on the political basis of Sino-US relations and will seriously violate the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China.”

The Chinese Foreign Ministry did not limit itself to one statement. To the deputy Chinese Foreign Minister Xie Feng was summoned by US Ambassador to Beijing Nicholas Burns. Xie Feng, on behalf of the Chinese government, strongly protested Burns over Pelosi’s visit. The Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement immediately after the meeting that “the United States sending the wrong signal to the Taiwanese separatistsand the US government condoned, not restrained, Pelosi’s provocative actions.”

Protesters against Pelosi's visit to Taiwan in Hong Kong

Protesters against Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan in Hong Kong

A photo: REUTERS

Xie Feng demanded that the United States continue to carry out the so-called. commitments of “five nos”, including: not to seek to change the state structure of China, not to revive anti-Chinese alliances, not to support the independence of Taiwan.

Exactly Xie Feng reminded the American side a Chinese proverb that has become popular these days: “Those who play with fire will die from fire.”

Xinhua State News Agency, commenting “Nothing is more sacred in the minds of the Chinese people than protecting China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and nothing is more important than protecting and realizing national reunification.”

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Member of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China Wang Yi named Pelosi’s visit was a “complete farce” and added that “the American side, under the guise of so-called ‘democracy’, is doing nefarious deeds in violation of China’s sovereignty.”

Later, another assessment was made: Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunyin commented on Madame Speaker’s trip as follows: “Pelosi’s dangerous provocation is aimed solely at extracting personal political capital and is a frankly nasty political farce. And in this ugly farce, democracy is nothing more than an ordinary cheap tool and only a front for the American side. It is Pelosi who flaunts himself in an attempt to flirt with the masses, but the relations between the two countries, as well as regional peace and stability, suffer from this. Democracy, according to Pelosi, is nothing more than a lice-covered bathrobe, lovely at first glance, but unbearable to the touch. We have seen the hypocrisy and callousness of Pelosi’s democracy in the Capitol takeover, the death of Floyd, the school shootings, and the example of more than a million Americans who died from the coronavirus epidemic. We have also seen the so-called “power” of such a democracy in what the US military has done in Iraq and Syria and during the retreat from Kabul.”

Pelosi meeting with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen

Pelosi meeting with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen

A photo: REUTERS

Even after Pelosi left Taiwan, Hua Chunying during a press conference statedthat the visit of an American woman “under any pretext was stupid, dangerous and unnecessary.”

China’s Global Times writes that “For Pelosi, who has little time left for her political career, the visit was pretty much a way to satisfy her vanity by being treated like an empress dowager.” Reporters noticed that Taiwanese media used the term “imperial” for the hotel where Pelosi stayed, the car she traveled in, and more.

“Pelosi is a typical Washington politician – arrogant, paranoid and show loving. – continue they. – Many remember the moment when she effectively tore up the text of Trump’s speech in Congress. What irony! The results of her trip to Taiwan will be just as mercilessly torn to shreds by history itself.”

“The United States has taken one extremely dangerous step forward, which means that China will take two steps forward – such a figurative forecast of further events gave the Global Times at the Academy of Social Sciences of the People’s Republic of China, at the same time posing the question: “Now the Sino-US relations will certainly worsen, as well as relations on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.” Whether it’s domestic or foreign affairs, the US needs China’s help on issues like climate change, the North Korean nuclear issue, the Ukraine crisis and dollar inflation. But what support can the US government get from China after that?”

Chinese social media users protested so strongly against Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan that the world’s hashtag leaders these days have Chinese characters meaning “unwavering determination to achieve national reunification” and “one and a half billion people do not agree with interference in matters of their sovereignty.”

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