Dalkomkholod customers have full access to the Chinese market

The administration of the refrigeration and storage complex “Dry Port” JSC “Dalkomkholod” announced that the enterprise received an export number, confirming the high standards of work.

Restrictions on trade with the Russian Federation imposed by Western countries have forced many Russian enterprises to reorient themselves towards Asian markets. The day before, manufacturers of frozen and frozen fish products received an additional opportunity to sell their goods to the Chinese market.

Executive Director of JSC “Dalkomkholod” Maxim Minenko said that now the company’s customers will be able to send their products to the Chinese markets without restrictions, since the Dry Port refrigeration and storage complex was assigned an export number, which means that the company complies with all the legislative norms of the PRC, writes the portal

Warehouse areas of the company allow storing 6,000 tons of fish products and up to 18,000 tons of general cargo.

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