Czech Republic sent 3.5 billion military aid to Ukraine, ekla ernochov Home

The assistance we provide to Ukraine makes sense and must not grow, because Russia is trying to restore the Soviet Union. Our government provided $ 3.5 billion in military supplies, Ernochov said.

It is essential that the aid is continuous, it will increase the need for black people. She reminded that the Ministry of Defense is cooperating with the Ukrainian Embassy in Prague on the purchase of weapons and military equipment for pensions, which people send the embassy to the bank. The embassy thus gained about 1.2 billion crowns.

She added that a proposal for one government to help Ukraine for 600 and 700 million crowns. As long as I am a minister, I will certainly not give up on the help of Ukraine, she said.

In the discussion, she changed the fact that the ruths of the sexes have a similar rhetoric as the Nazis. Some of the years are similar to those of the Holocaust. From the same perspective, politicians have now looked at the people who put Putin’s regime.

Ukrainian Ambassador Yevhen Perebyjnis said his country needed a country to help stop Russian flow. We need not only defensive, but also a ton of technology, he said. According to him, Ukraine urgently needs rocket launchers, planes, helicopters and air counter-defense. It is up to us to defeat Russia to the land of Ukraine, he noted.

Ernochov did not want to confirm or disprove on Sunday whether R delivered helicopter fights to Ukraine, as US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said on Monday. According to available information, the Czech Republic sent T-72 tanks to the countries attacked by Russia, and the US Secretary of Defense also changed the deliveries of missile systems.

Ernochov also pointed to supplies of humanitarian and non-military material from the Czech Republic and Ukraine, which are in charge of other ministries. For example, the first mass reserves helped Ukraine, according to data from mid-April, with equipment and food for 120 million crowns.

At the end of June, I am currently in charge of the General Army of Armdy R Ale Abbot. According to errnochov, he is a candidate for this position yesterday. He wants to agree with President Milo Zeman on the name of the new line on Wednesday.

Lidov newspaper on Saturday, referring to its source, stated that Zeman last week rejected the Ernochov proposal for the post. However, according to Ernochov, Vbr’s successor is not complicated, because he will now lose his job at the end of August.

There, the President assured him that there would be an agreement on Wednesday and that we would have a general meeting in the near future.

The Minister said that the exchange of general staff will take place on June 30 on Armed Forces Day. The names of all the candidates refused to state. According to the TC, the favorite of the Ministry of Defense is the director of the Force Development Section, Major General Ivo Stecha. The castle, on the other hand, preferred the first successor to General Lieutenant General Jarom Znu.

On the proposal of the Minister of Defense, the President appoints the General Assembly, because he is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. The abbot has been leading the Czech army since May 2018.

Zelensky spoke to Parliament

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky should address the Eskmu parliament on June 15. Deputies and sentoi will listen to his speech in video.

According to the Ukrainian ambassador, one of the darkers will be the Czech presidency. In addition, he will thank for his support, he said, adding that according to him, he will also find out what Ukraine wants from the EU and the presidency.

According to Ernochov, the speech of the Ukrainian president will be such a speech to the Czech citizens, who will convince the citizens of the Czech Republic that the help of their countries makes sense.

Unfortunately, the wolf is not over there and we must not be lulled by the fact that I have a demonstration, my nose is with Ukrainian flags, the information in the public space is less. We must help, the minister said.

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