Cusqueños fill the Plaza de Armas and unite in a single cry: “Dina murderess, the people repudiate you”

Cusco: they shout “murderer” at the president Dina Boluarte

The Plaza de Armas Cusco This Thursday, January 12, became a concentration point for thousands of people who reject the government of Dina Boluarteto give the last goodbye to the leader Rowing Candia Guevara (50), who lost his life due to the impact of a projectile in the chest during the protests.

“Murderous Dina, the people disown you!” was the phrase that she rumbled Cusco square, amid the general indignation of the population. Up to this point, representatives from various provinces arrived to bid farewell to Candia Guevara, but also to join the national strike.

In trucks the demonstrators coming from AntaAcomayo, Quispicanchi, Urubamba, as well as Canchis, La Convención, Canas and other towns in the Cusco.

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The relatives of leader They were also present and starred in scenes of pain. In the midst of their requests, they demanded that it be done Justice for the death of “a good man and concerned about his people.” They hold the Police responsible for “taking his life”.

It was learned that the burial of Candia Guevara will take place this Saturday January 14 in the Cusco province of Antawhere he was very loved and known by his countrymen for holding the position of president of the Anansaya Urinsaya Ccollana Peasant Community.

The Cusco Regional Health Management confirmed the death of Candia Guevara, who was hospitalized for a gunshot wound to the chest at the Lorena hospital. “Your life is over (…) You will no longer be afraid to suffer all your life,” Doña Leopolda, her mother, sang in Quechua outside the hospital.

Left-wing political women spoke out through their social networks for the death of the Cusco leader, like the congresswoman Ruth Luque and the leader of Together for Peru (JPP), Verónika Mendoza.


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