Crisis in Peru LIVE: Protests and roadblocks against the government of Dina Boluarte

The Ombudsman asked for the release of Walter Silvera Obregonthe policeman who is kidnapped by protesters who oppose the government of Dina Boluarte in the province of Andahuaylas (Apurímac).

“We call on the public to depose any act of violence, and on the authorities to intervene within the framework of their powers,” the autonomous constitutional body wrote.

In the province of Andahuaylas (Apurímac), the inhabitants keep a kidnapped police officer. According to RPP, there are more than 20 injured in the clashes between protesters and police officers.


The Association of Guilds of Agricultural Producers (AGAP) demanded the government of Dina Boluarte the “immediate action” for the protests and roadblocks in Peru, “preventing free transit.”

“The agricultural sector is in crisis and in the middle of the harvest season for various products that will inexorably be lost and along with them jobs if traffic on the roads and peace and social are not restored,” he added in a statement.


The sections of the Panamericana Sur, in Ica Y ArequipaThey are still blocked. The vehicles are still blocked. Protesters call for an early election for the president Dina Boluartewho today swears in his new ministerial cabinet.


The heavy cargo buses continue stranded on the Panamericana Sur, in Icawhile the majority of interprovincial buses returned to Lima or have taken an alternate route to reach their destination.

There are burning tires on the highway to avoid the passage of buses.


The ticket sales of Lime a Ica, south of the capital, have been suspended due to protests and blockades. The buses only go as far as Chincha, which causes discomfort for passengers who have spent the night at the interprovincial bus station.


Protests continue to block sections of the South Pan Americanin the place known as El Barrio Chino, in Ica. There were fights in the early morning between truck drivers who tried to pass and the protesters, according to Latina.

They do not recognize Dina Boluarte as president and ask for early elections.

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